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March 23 2010

Django 1.2 release schedule - Update 2

This week has seen more good progress towards the 1.2 release milestone. We are now down to 69 open tickets, of which 23 are documentation or translation updates that can be addressed after the release candidate lands. This leaves 46 substantive tickets before we have a release candidate.

To help squash this bug list, there is another development sprint planned for this weekend. If you can spare a few hours to help kill some release blocking bugs, why not join in! Add your name to the list of sprinters on the wiki, and join us online on IRC in #django-sprint.

There's no change to the estimated release dates this week. We're still aiming at a RC1 release around April 5, with a final release around April 12.

As always -- any and all assistance is most welcome; the more assistance we get, the faster 1.2 will land.

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March 19 2010

March 17 2010

The technology behind Tornado, FriendFeed's web server

Bret Taylor's blog

Today, we are open sourcing the non-blocking web server and the tools thatpower FriendFeed under the name Tornado Web Server.We are really excited to open source this project as a part of the announcementon the Facebook Developer Blog. You can download Tornado at

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Facebook Open Sources FriendFeed's Ultra-Fast Real-Time Web Framework


facebook_dev_logo_sep09.jpgFacebook just announced that it has released Tornado, the real-time web framework that powers FriendFeed, as open source code. According to Facebook's David Recordon, Tornado is one of the core infrastructure pieces that power FriendFeed's real-time functionality. The framework, according to Recordon, is similar to other Python frameworks like Google's webapp or web.py, but is faster and able t...

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